Don’t Fall Victim to Webcam Blackmail

Many users have reported recent scam messages from individuals claiming to have intercepted their username and password. These messages often state they have been watching your screen activity and webcam while you have been unaware.

How to Optimize and Secure a Virtual Private Server (VPS)

How to Optimize and Secure a Virtual Private Server (VPS)

This article covers a wide range of methods for securing and optimizing your VPS. We do not provide any warranty for this article, so if you are not sure what you are doing please make sure you research before you do it.

Secure cPanel/WHM and the Root User on VDS:

Checking for formmail:

Form mail is used by hackers to send out spam email, by relay and injection methods. If you are using matts script or a version of it, you may be in jeopardy.

Command to find pesky form mails:
find / -name “[Ff]orm[mM]ai*”

CGIemail is also a security risk:
find / -name “[Cc]giemai*” Read more

Security Defender Removal Guide

Security Defender is a computer infection from the Rogue.PCDefPlus family of rogue anti-spyware programs. This infection is considered a rogue because it deliberately displays false scan results, false security alerts, and hijacks your computer so that you are unable to run your normal applications. This infection is promoted as a utility that is required to view an online video, but actually installs the Security Defender infection instead. Read more

5 Useful windows shortcuts

Press the Windows key + D to quickly bring up your desktop.” Read more