Troubleshooting & Computer Repair

We can handle any computer problem you may encounter. Whether you need a new or additional hard drive, a CD or DVD burner, more memory or a new motherboard, we can get you back up and running, quickly and for less. We can repair windows problems from bad software installations, program errors, spyware & virus infections. We’ll also show you how to prevent these type of things from happening again for the future.

Custom Builds & Upgrades

At System Techs we offer custom built computers which are built to your specifications by using high quality parts. From Gaming to Servers we can build the perfect computer for you. We fully test our custom built computers making sure you won’t have any problems. When you have us build you a new computer system we will come to your business or home and setup your new computer.

Need a couple upgrades? System Techs can upgrade your current computer system by adding more memory, a larger hard drive, video cards, etc. We use high quality parts which will last a long time.

Laptop Repair

We offer support and repairs for laptops. If you’re having problems with you laptop we can help. We can replace LCD screens, hard drives, motherboards, etc. Since laptops vary so widely, so we do not stock laptop parts. However, we can quickly order any part you need for you.

Networking – Wired & Wireless

Networking your computer systems & devices can be a daunting task. Whether you’re building your network with with cat5e wiring or wireless technology we have the knowlege to get it the job done. While networks can help businesses, organizations work collaboratively by sharing information, and can also facilitate the sharing of resources such as printers, servers and other devices. They are essential to improving your computer network efficiency and overall business performance.

Home users can also benefit by networking computers and devices. Need to share a photo, printer, or have muiltble computers in your home. We can set them up to access the internet and also show you how to add new items for in the future. Are you looking to use your laptop or wireless device any where in you home? If so we can setup you a wireless network with security. It all starts with a phone call to System Techs. So what are you waiting for?

Remote Computer Repair

Remote computer repair service is a great way of getting your computer system repaired. Unlike traditional repair methods, you don’t have to wait around for a technician. Saving you time and money! Just give us a call and we will get your computer fixed while your talking to a tech over the telephone.
You must be able to do the following for a remote repair:

You can boot into Windows.
While being able to access the internet.

Spyware & Virus Removal


Is your computer or laptop running slow? If it is, you may have some unwanted program lurking around your system. We can remove any and all spyware & viruses. By chance if you do have a virus you should know that they can be harmful to your system. Some types of viruses download other viruses or malware to futher infect your computer. They can also steal your personal information, like credit cards and passwords. Don’t wait until your system is beyond recovery – call us first!

Virus and Malware Removal