Sick of Vista? Upgrade to Windows 7!

Listen up Microsoft Vista users! System Techs would be happy to assist you in upgrading to Windows 7, and ultimately help you avoid any possible glitches and irritating problems that might occur down the road.

If you are a Microsoft Vista user and you wish to upgrade, here is a simple list of instructions to follow.

1.) Back up your data! Even though a Windows 7 upgrade is easy and should not ruin your data, it’s always a good idea to back EVERYTHING up just in case. We like daily back ups at System Techs, but as much as we can lead a horse to water…well you know where I am going with this.

2.) Buy the Windows 7 upgrade online or at your favorite retail outlet. Prices are usually around $140.


3.) Buy the Vista anytime upgrade.

Click Start/Control Panel/System, up near the top of the screen there will be a link that says “Upgrade Windows Vista”, this will take you to a new window that says “Windows Anytime Upgrade”.

Click on the link that says “Compare the editions of Windows Vista”. You will be redirected to a Microsoft website where you can check if your computer can run Windows 7, why upgrading to Windows 7 makes sense, and purchase Windows 7 online. You can then make your choice after getting any information you may need.

4.) Put in the disk or download and follow instructions. In about 10 minutes, you will have a fresh newly installed operating system!

5.) Do the Windows Update and get the Service Pack 1 and you are ready.

Everything should work fine, but you may need help with some of your programs, printers, etc. System Techs can help you with any software glitches or problems. Our staff is quite experienced handling these upgrades and we work very diligently in getting you up and running quickly. If you do require assistance with this installation we have good news for you. We want to offer you a special 10% computer repair discount to anyone who calls in for help.