Tips on how to protect your family from internet risks!

Discuss the Dangers of the Internet with Your Children
Talk with your children about the potential hazards of the Internet, including sexual predators, inappropriate content and invasion of privacy.

Become Computer Literate
Resources like software and classes can help you become computer literate. By learning just a few simple techniques, you can see where your child has been online recently.

Learn Internet Lingo
IM (Instant Messaging) has given birth to a slew of acronyms to describe phrases. For example, POS = “Parent Over Shoulder.”

Use Parental Controls and Blocking Software
Most software and Internet Service Providers offer safety settings that block inappropriate sites.

Pay Attention to What Your Kids do Online
Know what information your kids are sharing online and with whom, either through instant messaging, social networks, chat rooms or network games. Let your kids be the teacher, ask them to show you what sites they visit and who they meet.